Every participant selects their entry class for each race during signup. There are two kinds of classes, so please read through the following if you are unfamiliar with Championship and Open classes.

Open Classes

“Festival” classes for non-competitive participants, pairs/families and newcomers

Open Classes are named by course difficulty. There are no restrictions on who can participate in these classes. There will be 5 Open classes, named according to difficulty and length. Consider choosing Open classes if:

  • You want to participate recreationally
  • You want to go as a pair/small group/family
  • You are new to orienteering
  • You are not suited to or do not wish to run the course of your championship class (due to course length or technical difficulty)

The open classes present more suitable options to participants who may walk or run slower, or who are less experienced with challenging forest terrain, particularly participants who would be placed in one of the tougher championship classes such as M21 and W21.

For more about open class courses, see Recreational and Non/Semi Competitive

Championship Classes

Competitive classes for experienced orienteers of all ages

Championship Classes are segmented by age and gender, typically a participant should enter the class for their age and gender;(*) for example; W17-20, M21, M55, W85 .

Your age category based on the age you will turn on your birthday in 2016 – even if your birthday is after the BC Champs. For example, if you turn 17 this year you will run in M/W17 – even if you are 16 during the BC Champs. This standard practice ensures that you compete in the same race category all year against the same competitors, rather than changing category on your actual birthday).

The “BC Champions” will be those who win their respective classes.

Championship Classes will be of Canada Cup standard!

Have you raced at provincial level or above before? If not, consider competing in an Open Class rather than the Championship Classes. This applies particularly to M21/W21 entrants, and particularly at the Long Event.

You will have much more fun completing an (easier) open course than getting lost and not finishing on a (harder) championship course.

* Participants are eligible to enter M21/W21 even if they are outside of this age category. This is typically only chosen by elite runners from the M/W35 class.