The model event is a short practice course set at the north end of Brandywine Falls Provincial Park and will be open on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. This will be a great opportunity to get some practice on the terrain and map that you will be competing on! The event is being organised by High Performance Program members and all proceeds from the model event will be donated to the program.

Open times

Friday 30th Sept: 1pm to 7pm-ish (dusk)

Saturday 1st Oct: 8:15am to 10:30am

Getting There

Location: Google Map

Getting there from Vancouver: continue past the turn off for Brandywine Falls parking lot for 2.7km, then turn right onto McGuire Road. The start is 100m down the unpaved road on the right.

Getting there from the Whistler Athletes Centre: Allow 15 mins. Head south on Hwy99 (left at the lights coming out of Cheakamus). 500m after the turn off to Brandywine Valley and Whistler Olympic Park is the road you want on the left, but you cannot turn left into McGuire Road from the Highway, you need to continue 1800m further further south to the next right turn for the RV park, turn around then turn left to come back up the Highway and to turn right onto McGuire.

Getting to the Middle from the Model: you cannot turn left to go south from McGuire, you have to turn right, go 500m north on the highway then turn left at the “Brandywine Valley” turn, turn around then head south for about 3.2km to the Brandywine Falls Provincial Park turnoff to the left.

More info

  • Ensure that you make your middle start time.
    • 10 minute drive from the Model to the Middle parking, then 5 minutes brisk walk to start – allow for some margin on both
    • If you did not register at the WAC on Friday night, allow time to do so (or register before you do the model). Registration is open 9am to 10:15am on Saturday at the Middle
  • If there is nobody at the Model when you arrive, maps will be in a bag on or at the foot of a post having a brown “Provincial Park Boundary” sign facing the road.
  • Maps may be brought back to the WAC after course close on Friday night
  • Expect a map like a Score-O. You choose which controls you want to visit and how you want to navigate the legs – you might choose to visit a control more than once, approaching from different directions or using different orienteering methods and tool